Have you ever needed to measure something and did not have a tool at hand?

When making a shipment, it is important to specify the size of the packages to facilitate for the company their organisation in the lorry, as well as for safety reasons. Remember that, if you do not have the right packaging for your luggage, Sinmaletas offers the possibility of purchasing boxes.

Pay special attention because with the following list you will no longer have the problem of not being able to measure the boxes you are going to send. Take note!

A4 Sheet

1. A4 Sheet

With international measures of 29.7 cm long and 21 cm wide, the A4 sheet is the easiest way to measure your suitcases or personal belongings. Furthermore, you can also join several sheets to streamline the measuring process.

Money bills

2. € , 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 notes

Another way of knowing what your packages measure is by using Euro notes. The sizes of each one are:

- 5 €. 12x6,2 cm
- 10 €. 12,7x6,7 cm
- 20 €. 13,3x7,2 cm
- 50 €. 14x7,7 cm
- 100 €. 14,7x8,2 cm
- 200 €. 15,3x8,2 cm
- 500 €. 16x8,2 cm

You choose which note to use. It all depends on the cash you handle in your wallet!

Credit card

3. Credit Card or ID Card

A very practical resource because most people carry their ID card or a credit card with them. Any of the two options is valid as they both measure 8.5x5.5 cm.

Milk carton

4. Milk carton

The fourth alternative that we present is the milk carton. It is very usual for you to have this product in the fridge, which measures 19x9 cm. Now you know what other use it has!

Mobile apps

5. Mobile apps

There are currently different applications that enable emulating the mobile phone as a measuring tape. Outstanding for the iPhone devices is EasyMeasure, whilst for Android the app Regla is noteworthy. They both use the same methodology: Thanks to the camera on the Smartphone you can measure anything you like.

What do you think about our suggestions? Surprised? You no longer have an excuse not to measure your suitcases or boxes and you will have the certainty that the process was performed correctly.