Traveling with Sinmaletas you also help in solidarity projects at no cost to you

We donate the 0,7% of your order to a NGO with no extra cost.

Since our begging, we have known the importance and need of doing our bit to build a better world. That is why we have established collaboration agreements with several NGOs that work and dedicate their efforts every day to fight against inequalities at a national and international level.

When placing an order, all the Sinmaletas customers have the option of choosing to which NGO they want to donate 0.7% of their order, at no additional cost.


  • SONRISAS DE BOMBAY Sonrisas de Bombay is an NGO that focuses its action on the peaceful fight against poverty and for Human Rights in the shanty towns and slums of Bombay. Education, health and socioeconomic development are the main framework of action of its projects.
  • FES This NGO works for everyone's right to education. Currently, thanks to its work, there are more than 1,000 boys and girls enrolled in three pre-school schools and five primary schools in Senegal.
  • FESBAL FESBAL manages aid from official and private organizations necessary to provide the warehouses of the food banks with the necessary technical equipment and to meet their economic needs.
  • ECODES ECODES is a support platform that works in favor of sustainability in Spain and Latin America, through t implementation and dissemination of ecologically sustainable, socially responsable and economically viable alternatives.
  • INTERMON OXFAM Intermon Oxfam in Mauritania supports the creation of orchards on the banks of the river. It's main goal is that farming families increase their cereal and vegetable production in order to obtain incomes from the sale of surpluses. They offer training in agricultural techniques and crop diversification, introduce irrigation systems to save water and also they promote the use of motor-driven pumps to extract water from the river.
  • PROACTIVA OPEN ARMS Humanitarian aid NGO that deals with emergency situations arising in the maritime environment. Its main mission is to rescue refugees from the sea who come to Europe fleeing war conflicts, persecution or poverty. In 2015, they were the first NGO specialized in first aid work to reach the shores of Lesbos (Greece).
  • FUNDACIÓN RECOVER Fundación Recover works to facilitate the access to a quality healthcare system for all people in sub-Saharan Africa, with a sustainable healthcare model. Its model is based on the professionalization of local staff, the support of local organizations that coordinate on the ground, non-profit and with social prices, and a zero tolerance policy for corruption.

Make for every shipment with us to count ticking the box of one of the NGOs that collaborate with us. It is a small effort that will reach many people.

Show your solidarity with Sinmaletas.com!