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Suitcases shipment

  • 10

    10 kg Suitcases

  • 20

    20 kg Suitcases

  • 30

    30 kg Suitcases

  • 40

    40 kg Suitcases

People taking boxes

storage boxes

  • 10

    10 kg Boxes

  • 20

    20 kg Boxes

  • 30

    30 kg Boxes

  • 40

    40 kg Boxes

Person with snowboard
Person prohibiting passage

items whose shipment is prohibited

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perishable food products. The shipment of oil is not recommended as the breakage of the container can entail a risk for the shipment.
  • Tobacco and derivatives
  • Weapons
  • Items of an exceptional value (artwork, jewels, antiques, etc.)
  • Cash, credit cards, checks, etc.
  • Ivory and derivatives
  • Live animals
  • Animal fur
  • Pornographic material
  • Plants, seeds or derivatives
  • Dangerous goods (including aerosols, flammable and corrosive items, etc.)

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