luggage parking service

We can keep your suitcases for as long as you need.

Now you can store your suitcases in a safe location near our had offices. We collect, store and deliver according to your needs and destinations so you can travel light and comfortably.


confort and peace of mind during your travels

We provide a safety location where to store your personal belongings with total safety and protection. We collect whatever you need: Suitcases, bicycles, golf clubs, pushchairs, etc., on the day you indicate and we store it identified with your order number until that, following your indications, we proceed to their shipment with the service contracted.

If you contract our shipment service but you do not want your luggage to reach its destination until a specific date, the luggage parking option is a practical, safe and cheap solution.

this is how the luggage parking works

When you have decided to contract our service, you only have to follow these steps:

  • We collect whatever you need: suitcases, bicycles, golf clubs, pushchairs, etc.,

  • We identify and store your belongings with an order number

  • Following your indications we proceed to their shipment with the service contracted

Cost and Contracting of the Luggage Parking Service

€1 package/day

The cost of the service of €1 per package and day (minimum cost for the service €15)

You can hire the luggage parking when you are creating your order.

You must choose the option "FLEXIBLE" when selecting the estimated delivery date

Calculate the cost of your flexible shipment
Eva R Review

I am very pleased with the results. I sent a large suitcase and two boxes from France to Spain and everything arrived much before the scheduled time and in good conditions

Eva R.
Dionisio R Review

They complied with everything they offer on the website regarding times and pick up.

Dionisio R.

The transport of goods whose content is contrary to the law or applicable regulations and/or those goods restricted by

items whose shipment is prohibited

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perishable food products. The shipment of oil is not recommended as the breakage of the container can entail a risk for the shipment.
  • Tobacco and derivatives
  • Weapons
  • Items of an exceptional value (artwork, jewels, antiques, etc.)
  • Cash, credit cards, cheques, etc.
  • Ivory and derivatives
  • Live animals
  • Animal fur
  • Pornographic material
  • Plants, seeds or derivatives
  • Dangerous goods (including aerosols, flammable and corrosive items, etc.)

ítems whose shipment is restricted

  • Electronic items (TV, computers, speakers, etc.)
  • Fragile items (paintings, ceramic items, glass, music instruments, etc.)

The restricted items can be sent exclusively by contracting an additional insurance (on step 3 of your order). In the case of not contracting an additional insurance and not informing of the content of the contents of your luggage, the shipment will be made under the user’s responsibility.

Notwithstanding the items indicated above, there can be items with restricted or prohibited shipment due to the legislation of the country of collection or destination. For this reason, if you have any doubt about your luggage, consult and pay attention to our advice.

our shipments insurance

All the luggage shipments are covered by the insurance offered by the Land Transport Law (LOTT in Spanish) and the CMR Convention (Contract for the International Transport of Goods by Road). In the case of loss, theft or damage of the goods, the compensations vary. For further information read our Terms and Conditions.

Are you sending an item included on the list of restricted goods? Do you want to insure your luggage for a value higher than the basic compensation? Take on an additional insurance.

how to hire a Sinmaletas' service

We explain how you can hire our services step by step


If you have any doubts about how to hire the parking service or which articles we can storage, Contact us!

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