From a bicycle, to a moving

Are you going on an Erasmus? Are you relocating for work? or Do you need help carrying your sports equipment?
Discover how we work so you will travel comfortable, safe and light.

  • WHERE ARE YOU SHIPPING FROM/TO? Use the top bar and enter the origin and destination city, also if your shipment will be ONE WAY or ROUND TRIP.
  • WHAT KIND OF LUGGAGE DO YOU WANT TO SEND? Suitcases, boxes, sports equipment...
    Choose what you want to send and if you need boxes or packing material to make your shipment.
  • WHAT TYPE OF SHIPMENT DO YOU PREFER? Standard, express or flexible depending on the approximate dates that you would like to recieve your luggage.
    Use our luggage parking service,and we will store your luggage until you need it!
  • WHEN DO WE COLLECT IT? Select the date and the time window in which you prefer the luggage to be collected.
    The calendar will show the approximate delivery date according to the collection date.
  • DO YOU NEED TO TAKE AN ADDITIONAL COVERAGE INSURANCE? Sinmaletas recommends hiring an additional insurance for shipping any of the restricted ítems.
    Check the complete list of restricted items.
  • COMPLETE YOUR INFORMATION Pick-up time, address, contact person and local telephone; delivery address and person in charge of the delivery with telephone. Don't forget anything! The more details the better, so your luggage's collection and delivery will be easier.

Do you need help?

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