Sinmaletas and our global network of carriers continues operating as normally as the situation allows, and may cause some delay.
For any questions, please contact us by the online chat or by email: We help you with your shipment.

How to place an order

We explain it to you step-by-step
  • 1. Get the shipments' quote

    You can get the quote a

    service type

    You can choose between our 3 diferent services
    • Standard (shipment by road)
    • Express (shimpent by plane)
    • Flexible (if you choose a type of service, you must choose a delivery date) We can store your luggage the days you need

    Discount field

    • Fill this field with a discount code to get an extra discount Follow us on our social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and GooglePlus) to get them.
    • After filling all the fields, click "continue" button
  • 2. Complete your information

    If you've calculate your shipment quote, complete your information to créate your order. We'll need:
    • Collection timetable, collection adress, contact persone and phone number
    • Delivery address and name and phone number of the contact for delivery
    • Luggage to send.
  • 3. Be sure that you're not sending prohibited items

    • At the “Step 3”, a pop-up window will appear warning you about sending prohibited or restricted articles.
    • Read it carefully, and be sure that you aren't sending any “prohibited” ítems, and if you have any doubts, ask us, we will be very happy of helping you. Check our list of prohibited/restricted articles
  • 4. Add packaging if you need it and choose the NOG to which you would like to alocate the donation

    • If you don't have packaging to do your shipment, Sinmaletas offers you different boxes, even security closure boxes.
    • No extra charge for you, At Sinmaletas we donate the 0,07% of all the order to different NGO’s, we'll tell you the ones which we collaborate with, so you can choose the NGO you prefer. Check here the details Sinmaletas Cares
  • 5. Hire an additional insurance in case of sending restricted articles

    • In case you need to send restricted articles, please, hire and additional insurance at the next step and follow the instructions for its packaging. You'll find some packaging tips at the section Tips.
    • If you have any doubts, contact us we'll be happy to help you

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