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  • 1. Useful information before placing an order with Sinmaletas
    • 1.1 Which are the advantages of sending my luggage with Sinmaletas.com?

      When sending luggage with Sinmaletas.com you will discover a fast, convenient and safe service to send your boxes and suitcases wherever you need.

      We pick up and deliver your luggage wherever you tell us to, without leaving your home, you will enjoy the experience of travelling light. You will avoid carrying your luggage with the discomfort and effort that entails. You will forget about the long quest at the luggage drop-off desks as well as the excess luggage surcharges.

      We offer the best Customer service, taking care of your shipment down to the last detail. We give you the necessary advice to make any type of shipment. Moreover, we daily monitor the transport of the shipment and keep you informed of its status.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 1.2 Is there a daily luggage shipment service?

      working days from Monday to Friday and it is required to set a time frame of 5 uninterrupted hours for the pickup between 9 am and 7 pm.

      The deliveries are carried out throughout the day. In some special cases (generally remote areas or of little activity) the time frames will be determined by the warehouse of the transport company.

      If you need a pickup or delivery on a holiday or at the weekend, consult availability here

    • 1.3 How far in advance do I have to place my order?

      With Sinmaletas.com you can place your order at least 24h in advance* before the pickup date. In the case of being a shipment with customs, you will need a bit more time to fill-out and revise all the customs documentation.

      If you already have an order with us and need to advance the pickup, please contact our customer service department They will change the date and inform you in case it is not possible.

      If you are going to be leaving the pickup address on a specific date, we always recommend programming the pickup two days before the expected departure date. It is important to have room for manoeuvre and alternatives in the case there is any problem and your luggage cannot be picked up.

      *Orders placed after 12 o’clock noon will automatically be assigned to the following day. For example, if you place your order on Tuesday at 1 pm, the earliest date for the pickup will be Thursday.

    • 1.4 Is there a weight limit per shipment?

      There is no total weight limit per luggage shipment, the only weight limit is per package. The maximum weight for each package will be 40 kg, although for safety reasons and so that the handling of your luggage is easier, we recommend that it does not exceed 32 kg.

      If your shipment has many packages (more than 15), check our Mini-removals section

    • 1.5 Will the online quotation price be the same as when I place my order?

      Yes. The price shown on the online quotation will not change when placing the order, unless you want to hire a special service like a special pickup or delivery or at a specific time, an additional insurance or if you wish to purchase packaging for your shipment.

    • 1.6 What should I do if I need for my luggage to arrive on a specific day?

      The delivery date is estimated as it varies as the shipment travels, therefore, it is possible that the luggage arrives before or after the date expected. That is why if you want your luggage to arrive on a specific date, Sinmaletas.com provides three options:

      • 1. Contracting the Luggage parking service: Sinmaletas.com stores your luggage and delivers it to you on the day you request. Choose the flexible shipment mode on the online calculator to include this service to your shipment.
      • 2. Delaying or advancing the pickup so that the delivery coincides or is closer to the desired date. This action is considered on the standard price on the website, whenever the labels have not been generated.
      • 3. Express shipment: Choose the express shipment mode on the online calculator, which has a transit time of 24-38 hours (depending on the destination), if you need to receive the shipment urgently.
      • 4. Direct shipment. We send a driver only and exclusively to the address of origin to pick up the luggage. This driver is in charge of taking the packages by road, to their destination. This service has a special cost not considered on the website.
    • 1.7 I want to send my luggage to a country outside the European Union or with customs control. What do I have to do?

      Shipping to destinations with customs control (Canary Islands, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, USA, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) requires additional documentation.

      When you have created your shipment on the website of Sinmaletas.com, you will automatically receive an e-mail with all the documentation that you will have to fill out and send to us to streamline the customs clearance.

      You will be able to contact the sinmaletas.com team at all times who will assess you in the case of having doubts or questions when filling out the documentation.

      When the documents are ready, the shipment will be processed as normally: we will send you the labels and the instructions to place the customs documentation on the shipment and if necessary, we will send you the safety kit (We recommend reading the question "What is the security kit?").

      For this type of shipments we cannot guarantee the transit time as it depends on the customs control. The customs office could withhold the shipment, examine and inspect it and decide when to release the luggage and return it to the transport company for it to continue its journey. An agent specialised in custom affairs will track your shipment at all times and inform you about any type of procedure that may be necessary.

      Contact us
    • 1.8 I want to send my luggage between different countries but Spain is not the country of origin or the destination country. What do I do?

      Most of the shipments between two countries that do not have Spain as origin or destination are considered on the website, so you can consult the price directly on the online calculator If otherwise, contact our customer service department so we can quote your shipment.

      We will need to know the number of packages, weight and sizes (width x height x length) of each one and the city of origin and destination. When we have received your request, we will send you a quotation according to your needs, as soon as possible, within 24 working hours.

    • 1.9 I still don’t know how many packages and what weight I want to send. How can I calculate the price of my shipment?

      In the case you need to make a shipment but you still don’t know what you are going to send, we recommend you consider an approximate number of packages and weight and create an order. We can then confirm your details and have everything ready when you know what luggage you are finally going to be sending. The price adjustments will be made according to whether you add or remove packages or weight.

      Remember to indicate in the order comments that you are not sure about the packages you are sending so we do not generate the labels, because changing them has an extra cost of €10.

      When you know what you are finally going to be sending, inform us and we will send you the labels as soon as possible, at least 24 h before the pickup.

    • 1.10 If you have a trip planned before or after your shipment.

      It is important not to leave it until the last minute! If you have a flight planned or if you need to leave the pickup address before a specific date, programme your luggage to be picked up at least two days before your flight, to have room of manoeuvre in the case of a setback.

      In the case of not being able to programme with enough time in advance, Contact us

      Furthermore, if you need your luggage to arrive on a specific date (or before a fixed date) we recommend you read the question “What happens if I need my luggage to arrive at its destination on a specific date?

  • 2. Order
    • 2.1 What steps do I have to follow to place an order?

      To place an order with Sinmaletas.com you will only have to follow the 5 simple steps that we show you here here

      If you want to know how to calculate your quotation, here is an explanatory video:

      When you have completed all the fields on the form and have made the payment you will receive a confirmation email and your order number.

      IMPORTANT! 24-48h before the pickup you will receive the labels in your email so you can print them and place them on each of the packages. This step is essential for the pickup to be carried out correctly.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 2.2 How do I pay for the luggage shipment service?

      The payment is made before the luggage shipment service is carried out.

      Once the online order is completed, the website will provide three payment methods: through the gateway (credit or debit card), bank transfer or via Paypal (a commission will be applied).

      If paying by transfer, we will provide you with the bank account information as you select this payment method. In case of having any problem with the payment you can contact Sinmaletas to find solutions. Do you have any doubts? Contact us.

    • 2.3 What can I do if I don’t remember my access details?

      To recover your access details click on Remember Password and follow the mentioned steps.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 2.4 What happens if I already placed my order and I want to add more packages?

      No problem. You can add more packages up to 24 hours before the pickup date, paying the amount in proportion to the luggage you want to add. In the case the labels have already been sent, the cost of the change is €10.

      It is very important that you indicate any change so that the documentation of your shipment is correct. To ensure the correct transport and tracking of all the items included in your shipment it is necessary for the number of packages to coincide with the number of labels and what is stated on the shipping bill.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 2.5 Can I place the order by phone?

      We are sorry, but it is not possible. You have to create the order on the website because you have to carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions of our service.

    • 2.6 What happens if I already placed my order and I want to add an additional insurance or packaging?

      In the case of wanting to add an insurance or packaging after having made the order, you must contact the customer service department.

      Do you want more information about our packaging? Check it out here.

  • 3. Doubts about the documentation required for your shipment
    • 3.1 Do I need any documentation for my shipment?

      All the shipments must travel with the labels that we will send to you by email from Sinmaletas.com properly placed. It is the user’s responsibility to follow this rule.

      If the shipment involves customs (United States, Australia, Switzerland, Canary Islands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, South Korea, Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela), you will also have to fill out additional documentation that you will receive by email as soon as you place the order. Our team will be at your disposal to solve any possible doubts you may have, and will tell you how to fill out the documentation and how to attach it to your order.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.2 What are the labels and how do I have to place them?

      Identification labels are the transport delivery note that must accompany each of the packages that you send with Sinmaletas.com.

      We generate these labels manually by order pickup date. Bear in mind that we cannot create labels until at least 7 working days before the pickup date, so we will send them to you by email 24-48h before the pickup. You will receive an email with a PDF file with your labels that you must print, as well as the instructions on how to place them.

      The weight and measures indicated are always estimated generated automatically by the system. The possible difference between the weight contracted and that stated on the delivery note will NOT in any case entail a problem for the pickup.

      Below we show you how to place the labels according to each transport company:


      How should I place the labels?

      You must print all the sheets and stick them to the packages so that they are completely protected, avoiding falls, breakages or any other damage.

      LOGO FedEx

      Make sure the labels are perfectly stuck and visible. If the labels fall off, this could entail the partial or definitive loss of your luggage.

      It is the client’s responsibility to properly stick the labels that Sinmaletas.com has sent. If otherwise, the client will pay for all the expenses derived from the change of service and the possible incidences that may take place because of this.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.3 How to place TNT labels

      Here we explain how to place them properly

      The last page is the shipping bill that you will have to hand to the driver, while the rest are labels that you must place on the packages. Make sure you have a label for each box or suitcase.

      This is a TNT label:

      TNT label

      Do you have any doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.4 How to place UPS labels

      Print all the sheets and place them on your luggage (one per package).

      You don’t need to hand anything to the driver, so you will NOT receive a shipping bill.

      This is what the UPS labels look like:

      UPS Label

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.5 How to place Fedex labels

      If you are sending just one package:

      Print all pages.

      1. Stick the first page to the suitcase or box that you want to send so that it will not come off.

      2. Keep all the sheets together with the shipment receipt (last page) and hand it to the driver.

      If you are sending more than one package:

      Print all pages. Look at the information that appears on the top part of the barcode.

      1. Stick the first page to one of the suitcases or boxes that you want to send so that it will not come off.

      2. Set aside and keep pages 2, 3, 4 and the last page of the PDF as you will have to hand them to the driver.

      3. You must place the rest of the sheets, except for the ones you set aside before, each one on a package.

      This is what a Fedex label looks like:

      FedEx Label

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.6 How to place Correos Express labels

      Print all the pages that we sent to you by email. You must cut the sheet of paper on the cutting line and stick the top part of the paper (indicated as COPY FOR THE PACKAGE) and save the bottom part (indicated as COPY FOR THE CLIENT) for yourself. Place them on your luggage (one per package).

      This is what a CORREOS EXPRESS label looks like:

      Correos Express Label

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.7 When will I receive the labels?

      When you have placed your shipment order with Sinmaletas.com, within a maximum of 24-48h before the pickup, you will receive the labels in PDF format in your email address, that you must print and place on your luggage correctly.

      No suitcase or box will be picked up if it is not identified with its corresponding label.

    • 3.8 I do not have an email address. How can I receive the labels?

      If you want to send luggage with Sinmaletas and you do not have an email address, we can send your labels to the email address of a friend, relative, acquaintance or of somebody who can print them and place them on the luggage.


      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.9 How to download the labels of my shipment

      It is very important that you bear in mind that all the shipments with Sinmaletas must have our labels.

      We recommend you reading the question "What are the labels and how to place them?". You will receive them via email 24-48h before the pickup.

      In the case you do not receive them (they sometimes go to the spam mail), access your user area (with your email and password chosen) and go to the tab “my orders” and click on the order. When inside, select “labels”. If your labels have already been created, you will find them here.

      Download the labels and make sure that all the address details are correct. Remember that the weight and measures of the luggage that appear are approximate. The most important is that you have one label for each box or suitcase that you are sending.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 3.10 The weight and measures on the labels do not coincide with my order. Is this a mistake?

      The weight and measures on the labels are estimated. If they do not coincide exactly with those of your shipment don’t worry, it won’t be a problem to transport your luggage.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

  • 4. How do the boxes have to be? And the suitcases?
    • 4.1 How do the boxes have to be? And the suitcases?

      Above all remember that one of the essential variables for the correct development of your shipment is the packaging. Therefore, pay special attention to the indications provided below. If you make a shipment with Sinmaletas.com, both the boxes and suitcases must be suitable.

      If you are sending boxes:

      They must be made of cardboard, resistant, not be reused and must be appropriate for the weight they are going to transport.

      Pay attention to the thickness: they must be twofold as the boxes must be able to withstand the weight you are going to place in them. It is not allowed to send plastic boxes as they are not as flexible and resistant as cardboard boxes.

      You can purchase the boxes for your shipment on your own account or purchase them when you place your order and we will send them to the sender’s address. We explain it in detail in our section about packaging.

      Moreover, follow these instructions about how to send boxes with Sinmaletas.com to fill them correctly.

      If you send suitcase:

      It is very important that the suitcases are appropriately protected as shown in section How can I protect my suitcases to prevent scratches during transport? The suitcases can be soft or hard, but they must be highly resistant to the weight and transport they are going to withstand. Pay special attention to the handle of your suitcase: this part is especially fragile, so it must remain inside the protective layer of the plastic wrap.

      You can send sports satchels and duffles, whenever you pack them with plastic wrap and make sure the label sticks perfectly without it becoming detached. If your shipment has to be made with the safety kit, make sure it is placed properly and the identification labels are very visible, without the possibility of them falling or becoming detached.

      It is not permitted to send plastic bags, fabric bags or similar as they are very fragile, so, in these cases, we recommend placing them inside a box.

      In the case you have doubts that your packaging is sufficient, contact us at: at.cliente@sinmaletas.com and attach some pictures. We will confirm if it is appropiate.

    • 4.2 Is there a maximum size for the boxes I want to send?

      Yes, the maximum perimeter per package for a standard shipment is of 320 cm, calculated with the following formula:

      A + (B x 2) + (C x 2) = 320

      Box image to measure dimensions FedEx

      Where “A” is the longest side, “B” the height and “C” the width. If you need to send a package that exceeds those measurements, contact us by email to at.cliente@sinmaletas.com, telling us which type of item, the dimensions of the box, origin and destination, and we'll get back to you as son as possible.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.3 How can I know how much my box weighs if I only have the measurements?

      To calculate it you will have to multiply the 3 measures [height (B) x width (C) x length (A)] and compare the result with the following table:

      Up to 50.000 invoice as a 10 kgs package
      50.000 - 100.000 invoice as a 20 kg package
      100.000 - 150.000 invoice as a 30 kg package
      150.000 - 200.000 invoice as a 40 kg package

      If the result of the multiplication is higher than 200.000, contact Sinmaletas.com

      Furthermore, you must always consider the maximum size and weight established by Sinmaletas. You will find more information on question: "Is there a maximum size for the boxes I am going to send?". Do you have any doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.4 Should I protect my suitcase in any way?

      Yes, you must protect your suitcases appropriately. Why?

      It is necessary because your suitcases are going to have a long trip depending on their destination and origin. They will pass through different warehouses and they will be handled by different authorised agents, that is why it is very important to protect them correctly in order to prevent breakages and scratches. "Read more about how to protect my suitcases from possible scratches".

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.5 How do I have to pack my suitcase?

      As you already know, your suitcases are going on a long trip and are going to pass through different warehouses. That is why we want to make sure that you protect your suitcases as best as possible to prevent any damage.

      Furthermore, as set forth in point 2. User’s Obligations in our Terms and Conditions the user is obliged to correctly pack the goods in order to guarantee the safe transport and correct maintenance of its content.

      Follow the steps we indicate and show you below: pack your suitcases with plastic wrap and place the labels on so they won’t come off. You will thereby protect them from possible damages during the shipment and we will ensure they are correctly identified. It is very important that the extendable handle of your suitcase is protected under the packaging (plastic wrap), so that it cannot extend, as it is the most fragile part of the suitcase.

      • STEP 1 Take a roll of cling wrap and tie a knot in the handle so that the packaging is well secured
      • STEP 2 Wrap the entire suitcase with the cling wrap. Cover it with different layers so that it is well protected
      • STEP 3 Once the suitcase is completely lined, stick the identification label on top
      • STEP 4 Attach the identification label with strong tape by around the entire suitcase

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.6 Can I send food or drinks?

      As a general rule, it is not allowed to send food and liquids on most of our shipments, and especially when these pass through customs. There are some exceptions, however, that we detail below:

      Food: you can send non-perishable food in small amounts whenever it is vacuum packed and perfectly packaged, so that if the vacuum breaks, the food cannot spoil the rest of the luggage or other packages with which it travels. For example, you can send 2-3 packets of cold meats, 3-4 food cans, 2 pots of chocolate powder…

      You cannot send food that must be kept at a specific temperature for its appropriate conservation, or those that can contaminate or damage the rest of the shipment in the case the package breaks

      Liquids: you can send liquids in small amounts (whenever they do not contain alcohol in their composition or corrosive or flammable components) inside a watertight container, that is, in containers prepared to transport liquids and perfectly isolated. For example, oil is sent in cans specially designed for this purpose. You can send a pot of liquid for contact lenses closed (non-opened) and well wrapped in plastic so that it cannot spill.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.7 What happens if my luggage weighs more than what I contracted?

      When they pick up your shipment and it reaches the transport company’s warehouse, each of the packages of your luggage are weighed and measured.

      At the end of every month, each company sends us this information, if the luggage weighs more than what contracted, Sinmaletas.com reserves the right of claiming the amount corresponding to the difference in kilos.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 4.8 Are there restricted goods that cannot be shipped?

      The transport of goods whose content is contrary to the law or applicable regulations and/or those goods restricted by Sinmaletas.com:


      - Alcoholic beverages
      - Perishable food products. The shipment of oil is not recommended since the breakage of its container may pose a risk for the shipment.
      - Tobacco and derived products
      - Weapons
      - Articles of exceptional value (works of art, jewelry, antiques, etc.)
      - Money, credit cards, checks, etc.
      - Ivory and derived products
      - Live animals
      - Animal skins
      - Pornographic material
      - Medicines and illegal substances
      - Plants, seeds or derivatives
      - Fragile items: ceramics, glass
      - Dangerous goods (including aerosols, flammable and corrosive itemss, etc.)


      - Electronic devices (TV, computers, loudspeakers, etc.) - Fragile items (paintings, music instruments, etc)

      Restricted items can be shipped exclusively if taking out an additional insurance (on step 3 of your order). In the case of not taking out an additional insurance, you will have to send us a document indicating that the shipment is made under your responsibility. In the case of not taking it out, the shipment will be made under the user’s responsibility.

      Notwithstanding the previously mentioned items, there can be items considered as prohibited or restricted by law in the country of the pickup or destination. Therefore, if you have any doubt about your luggage, ask Sinmaletas.com and read our tips.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

  • 5. Luggage pickup
    • 5.1 Do I have to take or pick up my luggage somewhere?

      The Sinmaletas.com luggage shipment service is door-to-door, so you will not have to go anywhere. We will come round to pick up your suitcases at the address you provide without any extra cost. We only need a minimum time of 5 hours to collect your luggage. Remember that we consider the “door” as the main entrance at street level of the address provided.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 5.2 When will my luggage be picked up?

      You choose the date and time of the pickup when placing your order. You will also have to arrange a time frame for the collection. And it is very important that you provide a telephone number of the country where the luggage is going to be picked up so that, if necessary, the driver can contact you, because if it is not a local number they will not contact you.

      For pickups we need an uninterrupted 5-hour time frame. For standard shipment the time frames are set on working days between 9-10 am and 6-7 pm depending on the origin.

      Remember that the pickups are always estimated and that we cannot assure 100% that the time frame or day are met. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave the pickup to the day before leaving the collection address.

      In the case of not having availability, we recommend hiring a pickup at a specific time.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 5.3 Can shipments be delivered or picked up on weekends or holidays?

      Standard shipments with Sinmaletas.com are picked up and delivered always on working days and time frame: Monday to Friday, not holidays (regional or national), from 10 am to 7 pm in Spain and from 9 am to 6 pm abroad. It is also very important that you provide a telephone number of the country where the luggage is going to be picked up so that, if necessary, the driver can contact you, because if it is not a local number they will not contact you.

      Make sure that the day you have chosen for the pick up is not a holiday in the country of origin, or your pickup won’t take place.

      In some cases we can manage pickups or deliveries outside the time frame or on holidays by hiring a pickup or delivery at a specific time. Ask our customer to see how we can help you.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 5.4 I need an urgent pickup, what should I do?

      On the Sinmaletas.com website, by default, you can only request a pickup 24 hours* in advance. If the shipment has to go through customs (USA, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or the Canary Islands) it is possible that we need more than 24 hours to manage the documentation and ensure that your shipment is made correctly.

      If you need to move the pickup forward, you must contact our customer service.

      *Orders placed after 12 o’clock noon will automatically be assigned to the following day. For example, if you place your order on Tuesday at 1 pm, the earliest date for the pickup will be Thursday.

    • 5.5 Which is the minimum time frame for the pickup?

      The minimum time frame to pick up all the Sinmaletas.com shipments is always 5 uninterrupted hours. It is necessary to be able to organise the driver’s route . Furthermore, it is very important that you provide a telephone number of the country where the luggage is going to be picked up so that, if necessary, the driver can contact you, because if it is not a local number they will not contact you.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 5.6 If I don’t have available time for the collection, can I take my luggage to a specific point?

      Our luggage shipment service is door-to-door, at street level. If it is not possible to pick up your luggage at a home, hotel, residence or workplace, Contact us.

      We will try and find the solution that best fits your needs, as depending on the collection place and the type of luggage, sometimes there is the possibility of bringing it yourself to a collaborator centre or nearby warehouse.

    • 5.7 I work 5 minutes away from the collection address, could the driver ring me and I would go and give him my luggage?

      The answer is no. We will tell you why:

      For all the Sinmaletas.com shipments we need a minimum 5-hour time frame to collect the luggage, as a general rule, the driver of the transport company will not call before picking up the luggage. There must be someone present at all times to hand the luggage, during the time frame established, but it does not necessarily have to be you.

      Many drivers do not even have a business phone when they are out delivering. Sinmaletas.com requests a telephone number, in the case it is necessary to contact the person at the pickup point, the driver is not at any time obliged to contact. In the case of an unexpected event (adverse weather conditions, accident, the address where to pick up the luggage is not found, etc.) it is possible that the transport company does call, although as we said: this is not usual.

      Also, bear in mind that the drivers will never call an international number, so we recommend providing a local phone number both for the collection and the delivery.

      If there is any problem with the pickup date, please contact our customer service department.

    • 5.8 The pickup time frame is about to expire and no one has come to pick up my luggage yet, what shall I do?

      At Sinmaletas.com we ask for wide time frames for all the shipments in order to allow the drivers to organise their route and pick up your luggage on the day agreed. Nevertheless, the pickups are always estimated and we cannot ensure that they will take place within the timeframe requested, as the driver could have a delay due to circumstances beyond his control and cannot make the pickup.

      If the time frame has expired and your luggage has not bee picked up yet please contact us.

    • 5.9 Do we pick up at any address?

      You might be asking yourself if we pick up at any address…and the answer is NO. There are some addresses where, for operational matters of the companies, personal belongings cannot be picked up or delivered (suitcases, boxes, bicycles, etc). It is very important that if your address meets any of the following characteristics you inform Sinmaletas.comas soon as possible:

      - Pedestrian street.
      - Street with time restrictions.
      - Inaccessible street.
      - Restricted access street.
      - The address is a berth (port).

      At Sinmaletas we recommend that if you meet any of the following characteristics you try and find an alternative address near your home (restaurant, bar, shop, etc.) for the pickup. Oh, and remember that you do not have to present at the time of the pickup.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

  • 6. Luggage delivery
    • 6.1 How long does it take for my suitcase to reach its destination?

      The transit time of each shipment with Sinmaletas.com depends on the origin and destination and the type of service you choose when placing the order (Express or Standard service).

      In all case the transit time is estimated and the delivery dates are subject to possible variations.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 6.2 What happens if the driver comes to deliver my luggage and there is nobody there?

      Tab of our website and see that your shipment is “out for delivery”, this means that your luggage is in the van and on the way to its destination

      You don’t have to be at home to receive the shipmentThe driver can deliver your luggage to whoever is at the address provided and takes charge of receiving it

      Be aware that signing the shipping bill involves accepting the luggage as it is delivered, so, if there is any visible damage when your luggage arrives at its destination, you must state it on the shipping bill.

      For all the exposed above, make sure that the person in charge of receiving the luggage is aware of this.

      If there is no one at home, up to 3 delivery attempts are made. Sometimes the transport company leaves a shipping bill for you to contact them and reschedule the delivery. If not, Contact us so we can arrange a new delivery date.

    • 6.3 What happens if my suitcase arrives at the destination before I do?

      If your luggage arrives before you ton the destination and the delivery address of your shipment is a hotel or somewhere else with a reception or concierge service, inform them so they can accept the reception of the shipment and keep it for you until you arrive.

      If the delivery address is a private home, there will be up to 3 delivery attempts, unless there is someone at the destination who will receive the shipment.

      Remember that signing the shipping bill means accepting the luggage as it is delivered, so if there is any kind of visible damage when you receive it, it must be stated upon the reception. It is important that you explain this to the person who will receive the shipment in your place.

      If you need us to keep your luggage for a few days until you arrive, and you have not chosen the Flexible option when placing the order, you can check the conditions of our service Luggage parking and ask for a quotation for the Service.

    • 6.4 What happens if the contact person of my shipment is not at the address at the time of the delivery?

      There is no problem. There only has to be someone at the address provided who will take care of the delivery. This person must sign the order receipt (shipping bill) as the luggage was received in perfect condition (if not, it must be stated on the shipping bill). This way the person receiving the packages is always identified.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

    • 6.5 How can I track my shipment?

      24 hours after collecting your order, you can know where your shipment is by clicking on the"Tracking" section of our website.

      Insert your order or tracking number and click “Search”. The website will redirect you straight to the transport company’s website where you will be able to know where your luggage is at all times.

      Do you have more doubts? Contact us.

  • 7. Security of my shipment
    • 7.1 Does my luggage travel safely?

      All the Sinmaletas.com luggage shipments are covered by the insurance offered by the The Law 16/1987, of 30 July, on the Land Transport and its Regulations (L.O.T.T. in Spanish) and the CMR Convention (Contract for the International Transport of Goods by Road). In the case of loss, theft or damage of the goods, the compensations vary. For further information read our Terms and Conditions

      If you are sending an item included on the list of restricted items or if you want to insure your luggage for an amount higher than the basic compensation established by law, you can take on an additional insurance. Further information on “How our additional insurance works”.

      The handling of the goods will be the same both with or without the additional insurance, that is why we insist on the importance of a good packing.

      If you need another type of insurance, please please contact us.

    • 7.2 How our additional insurance works

      Sinmaletas.com, in collaboration with the Insurance company Oskar Schunck offers different additional insurances for your shipment, so you can travel with peace of mind.

      The compensation ranges * available are:
      INDEMNIFICATION UP TO € 600 -> € 18.00
      INDEMNITY UP TO € 1,500 -> € 45.00
      INDEMNITY UP TO € 2,000 -> € 65.00
      INDEMNITY UP TO € 3,000 -> € 85.00

      * The compensation refers to the maximum value that can be received as compensation for damage or loss. The value of each object will be estimated by the experts of the insurance company, according to their current value.

      If you want to add an additional insurance, bear in mind that the insurance is per package, so you will have to add as many insurances as packages you want to insure. You will find as many additional insurances as you need, and each one can be included in a different compensation range.

      You will find as many additional insurances as you need, and each one can be included in a different compensation range.On the last step before paying for your order you will be able to add the additional insurance as well as packaging.

      When you have finished the order you will receive an email in which we will ask you for a detailed list of the content of the box or suitcase and a photo of how it is packed before we pick it up.

      Important, in the case of an incident, electronic devices and high-value items will receive a compensation of up to 50% of the insured article’s value.

      Example: Package hired up to €1,500. The package contains a camera (€1,000) + used clothes + leather jacket. The compensation for the camera will be of up to €500 (50% of the camera’s value), the rest of the compensation will be to cover the damage caused by the loss of the leather jacket and the clothes.

      If you have doubts read the Insurance General Conditions here.