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Sinmaletas shipment insurance

How the Sinmaletas insurance works

All luggage shipments with are covered by the insurance provided by the Spanish Law for Road Transport (LOTT in Spanish), the Convention for Road Haulage (CMR) or the national and international air law. In the case of loss, theft or damage to the goods, the compensations provided varies.

If you send an article that is included on the list of restricted items or if you want to insure your luggage for a value higher than the basic compensation established by law, you can take out an additional insurance

Additional insurances

Additional insurance

If you have come this far that is because you are sending a restricted item or you want to take out an additional insurance for your shipment., in collaboration with the Insurance company Intermundial offers different additional insurances for your shipment, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Rates for the additional insurances available:
insurance price COMPENSATION* UP TO
19, 50 € UP TO €600
€45,00 UP TO €1.500
€65,00 UP TO €2.000
€85,00 UP TO €3.000

COMPENSATION OF MORE THAN €3.000 consult here

* The compensation refers to the maximum value that can be received as compensation for damage or loss. The value of each object will be estimated by the experts of Intermundial, according to their current value.

If you want to add an additional insurance, bear in mind that the insurance is per package, so you will have to add as many insurances as packages you want to insure. You will find as many additional insurances as you need, and each one can be included in a different compensation range.

On the last step before paying for your order, you will be able to add the additional insurance that you need as well as any packaging

When you have finished the order you will receive an email in which we will ask you for a detailed list of the content of the box or suitcase and a photo of how it is packed before we pick it up.

NOTICE Important, in the case of incidence, electronic devices and articles of a high value will obtain a compensation of up to 50% of the compensation range contracted (consult point 6.1 of the national and international Terms).

example: package insured up to €1,500.

The package contains a camera (value €1,000) + used clothes + a leather jacket.

The compensation for the camera will be of up to €750 (50% of the compensation range contracted), the rest of the compensation will be to cover for the damage caused by the loss of the leather jacket and the clothes. If you still have doubts, consult the General Terms of the Intermundial Insurance, here.

Difference between both insurances

What differentiates one insurance from the other is the economic compensation that you will receive in the case of damage or loss. The amount to receive in the case of breakage or loss if you have taken out an additional insurance will always be higher than the compensation established by law.

Example 1 You are sending one suitcase that weighs 20 kg from the UK to Spain and it gets lost.

By taking out the insurance of €18: compensation up to 600 €. The insurance company will consider the value of the content at the time of the shipment, never the purchase value.

Without additional insurance: compensation based on the Convention for Road Haulage (CMR) that establishes between €9 and €11 per kilo lost, between €180 - €220.

Example 2 You send one television from Barcelona to Cantabria and it arrives damaged.

Taking out the insurance of €45: compensation up to 750 €, considering that it is an electronic device and it covers 50% of the maximum compensation. The insurance company will take into consideration the value of the TV when it was sent, never the purchase value.

Without additional insurance: compensation based on the Spanish Law for Road Transport (LOTT) that establishes between €5,98 per kilo lost, approximately €47,84 (amount calculated based on a weight of 8 kg).

If you still have doubts about the insurances, please contact us.

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