If your shipment includes a computer (laptop or tabletop), you need to follow the steps below to assure your computer security.

Illustration of a computer Do I need an additional insurance?

First of all, be aware that the computer is listed as "restricted articles" as it is a fragile good, so you must hire an additional insurance in orde to do the shipment with Sinmaletas.

We offer several kind of insurance (per package) and you can choose the most suitable for you. But be aware that if you are shipping a computer the maximum compensation will be the 50% of its value. That means, if your computer value is 1.000€, the insurance company would reimburse maximum 500€.

Do I need any special packaging?

Be aware of your computer’s fragility (desktop PC or laptop). So we highly recommend shipping it inside its original packaging: the original box, the polystyrene peanuts, the foam protections, etc.

Although it is a fragile item, you must know that all packages are treated with the same rigor whether it is a computer or not. So it is very important a good packaging.

If you don’t have its original packaging you will have to protect properly the device so:

● It must be totally covered with bubble wrap and properly fixed inside the box.

● The box is resistant and in good conditions. We recommend not to use reused boxes and if possible, with doble channel (thick cardboard).

Keep in mind that some articles are prohibited in shipments whose destination is outside the European Union. So if your shipment is going to any of these countries, you can send just one lithium battery per package. For further information, read the list of restricted and prohibited articles in our Terms and Conditions.

Remember, we will be pleased to help you if you have any doubt.

How to send computers using Sinmaletas?

Laptop showing website
Open cardboard boxes for packing

Put the computer inside its original packaging


  • To better protect the instrument cover it up with bubble wrapTo better protect your computer, cover it with bubble wrap
  • Wrap the package externally, this will prevent your labels from falling offWrap the package externally, this will prevent your labels from falling off
  • Reinforce the outer packaging to prevent its openingReinforce the outer packaging to prevent its opening