10 must-have tips on how to make a move

Are you about to move out? Take care of what is important, we will help you with the removals

  • Before getting to the point, let us tell you what is a “Mini-removal”.
  • WHAT IS A MINI-REMOVAL? When we talk about mini-removal we refer to all the shipments that contain up to 15 packages, either boxes or suitcases, and that do not exceed the maximum measures allowed by In the case that you need to send a mini-removal with more packages, please contact us
  • 10 essential tips to prepare your mini-removal

    Below you’ll find 10 useful tips for the perfect removal. Be aware that this list may be personalized if it is necessary.

  • 1. What to send? You don’t use everything you’ve got… and you know it! So it’s very important to select the essential things and separate them from the ones that you don’t use daily. Maybe you don’t like it, but it’s the moment to clean the house and maybe earn some money selling old stuff.
  • 2. Logistics It’s time to think about where you are going to keep all your stuff. It’s better to use small boxes because will be better manageable. This way, the collection and the delivery will be quicker.
  • 3. Filling the boxes Now that you’ve selected all the stuff you’ll send to your new destination, please remember to put them properly inside the box. The main purpose is that the content doesn’t move during the shipment, and so anything won’t be damaged.
  • 4. Avoid empty spaces Removals are usually carried by trucks, in which boxes are stacked up to maximize the space. So it is very important to avoid empty spaces inside the boxes.
  • 5. Order Keep calm, don’t freak out about all the boxes you’ve around. The next step is to organize the boxes. Try our trick of writing down a list of the articles inside each box. These will help you to know where is your stuff at every moment.
  • 6. Pack up and Protect Removal’s main problem is the articles’ lack of protection. To avoid damages, is very important to protect your stuff with high quality boxes and packaging.
  • 7. Securing If your removal includes technological equipment, fragile articles or high-valued objects, we recommend hiring an additional insurance. And please, tell us what you are sending inside the boxes!
  • 8. Take photos Become a paparazzi! When you hire an insurance is needed to take pictures of the article insured to know its conditions before and after being packed.
  • 9. Stick the labels That’s a must on every removal. Labels are the most important document because they are the identification of your shipment. Our suggestion? Stick each label on the box and wrap it with plastic paper.
  • 10. New home That’s all! You’ve finished with the shipment of all your belongings to your new place. Now it’s time to organize everything at home. But don’t stress, you’ve done the hardest trick!

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