sending luggage to or from Chzec Republic

We explain how to send your personal belongings to or from Czech Republic in a fast and easy way

Graffiti painted wall CHZEC REPUBLIC

Thinking in the Czech Republic undoubtedly entails imagining someone walking through the historic centre of Prague or through Liberty Square in Brno. Because the Czech Republic is noteworthy for the many activities it offers for the thousands of tourists that visit it throughout the year.

How to send luggage to the Czech Republic?

  • Illustration from origin to destination Select the origin and destination
  • Illustration of clicking on screen Select the type of shipping service that you prefer
  • Illustration of a suitcase Recieve the labels and stick them on your luggage
  • Transport truck illustration Wait until we come to collect it

What documentation do I need to be able to send to the Czech Republic?

Like most countries that form part of the European Union, they only request that you certify one of these two documents to send your suitcases, luggage or personal belongings: ID Card or Passport. Bear in mind that for these documents to be valid before the authorities, the document must not be expired.

What can not be sent to the Czech Republic?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perishable products
  • Medicines and illegal substances
  • Flammable items or material
  • Articles for research or pharmaceutical use
  • Pets