sending luggage to or from Hungary

We explain how to send your personal belongings to or from Hungary in a fast and easy way


A visit to Hungary is mandatory once in a lifetime, as well as to its capital, Budapest. If they receive you throwing a bucket of water over you, don't be surprised. At Easter, it is usual for the men to bathe the women with buckets, because according to the tradition, women are like flowers, (figuratively) and they have to be watered and looked after. Due to a historic tradition, it is not allowed to toast with beer and everybody will give you a bad look if you do. Send your luggage to Hungary with and when you arrive at your destination, your luggage will be waiting for you.

How to send luggage to Hungary?

  • Select the origin and destination
  • Select the type of shipping service that you prefer
  • Recieve the labels and stick them on your luggage
  • Wait until we come to collect it

What documentation do I need to be able to send to Hungary?

Hungary is part of the European Union, so you will only need your ID Card.

If you do not have your ID card, you can also show your Passport as an alternative document to send your suitcases, luggage or boxes to Hungary.

What can not be sent to Hungary?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perishable products
  • Medicines and illegal substances
  • Flammable items or material
  • Articles for research or pharmaceutical use
  • Pets