sending luggage to or from Venezuela

We explain how to send your personal belongings to or from Venezuela in a fast and easy way


And finally, that long-awaited day has arrived: your trip to Venezuela! Before travelling to this beautiful South American country we are going to give you some important information that you should know.
You will like to know that the Merida cable car is the highest (4765 metres above sea level) and the longest (with 12.5 km) in the world. Furthermore, you will also find in Venezuela the largest lake in South America: Maracaibo. So don't think about it any longer and fly to Venezuela, enjoy your trip and let deal with sending your luggage

How to send luggage to Venezuela?

  • Select the origin and destination
  • Select the type of shipping service that you prefer
  • Recieve the labels and stick them on your luggage
  • Wait until we come to collect it

What documentation do I need to be able to send to Venezuela?

At, when you have finished your order to send your luggage from/to Venezuela through our website, you will receive an email with the documentation that you will need for customs clearance.

We talk about personal documentation such as ID or NIE and passport , for example, and other more specific documents that each country requires, such as airline tickets, specific forms of the country, or even a Proforma Invoice or the registration certificate.

Everything will depend on whether we export or import the suitcases and even on the personal situation of the shipment's owner.

Our team will be in charge of studying each case and inform you in detail of all the documentation you will need and also how to complete it, so that your shipment wil be a success.

What can not be sent to Venezuela?

  • Flammable items or material
  • Perishable products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Articles for research or pharmaceutical use
  • Medicines and illegal substances
  • Pets